We are an international freight forwarding and customs service, based in Canada, with an extensive global network of handling agents.

Small parcel, projects, refrigerated, hazardous, open account, or letters of credit - you are assured of our professional service, to give you peace of mind when moving your goods.

CARGONET offers weekly air, and ocean consolidations to Europe, Asia, Australia, Caribbean, South America and the Middle East.

An extensive ground transportation network to move your cargo to and from any point in North America, providing a truly seamless intermodal network.

  • CARGONET opened in 1996 in Pickering, Ontario, Canada (the Toronto region), to provide a comprehensive freight and customs service to our clients. With over 30 years experience in the Canadian Transportation industry we felt we had something to offer our clientele.

  • CARGONET is represented on 5 continents, in more than 30 countries, by an extensive network of global agents, who assist us on a regular basis to meet all your freight and customs requirements.

  • We are completely computerized and internet equipped, utilizing the latest in transportation software and communications, including e-filing export declarations with Canada Customs.

  • We continue to develop our systems and networks enabling us to provide our clients with the latest in technology pertaining to the world of international logistics.



  • Are the goods permitted entry?
  • What is the “hs” code ?
  • Are special permits, licenses required, or are there restrictions?
  • What is the duty rate? Are these goods taxable?


We offer full customs clearance services to provide you a worry free import.


We will coordinate all the required documentation and arrange to submit your customs entry.

We are also able to arrange customs clearance in most countries overseas.


As cargoes vary, so do the ways to export them. The following are some points to consider when planning to export:

  • How am I selling my goods? Open account? Foreign Collection? Letter of Credit?
  • Do my goods need special permits to be exported, or imported by my buyer?
  • What are my terms of delivery - Ex Factory - FOB - CIF? (see Incoterms)
  • Does my product require special handling? i.e., kept from freezing or heating, hazardous, will it fit into standard shipping containers.


Your forwarder should be able to guide you through all you need to know to ensure your goods reach their destination without any surprises.
At CARGONET, our staff are trained to handle any export from small parcel to project cargoes, be they on open account or letter of credit, refrigerated, protected or hazardous you can rely on us to coordinate your shipment from pickup to arrival. All paperwork properly prepared and dispatched as per your requirement.

We also offer advice on letters of credit, and make the full bank presentation on your behalf.


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